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We are all storytellers and producers of 媒体 content. Students develop their skills and knowledge in the classroom as well as through hands-on projects, 浸入式课程, 实习, and pre-professional activities. As a 资本 student, you will be prepared for a career in 新兴媒体, Film and 媒体 Production, 或公共关系. Through student organizations such PRSSA, WXCU, 和CapTV, you will be an accomplished professional communicator before you graduate.



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We are the Storytellers

Effectively convey your message and influence those around you


Humans are complex and creative beings, and throughout history people have gathered and shared information through telling stories and entertaining each other. 在资本, you’ll learn by doing. Develop your writing, 拍摄, 编辑, 讲故事, 战略, and persuasive skills across a range of platforms guided by communication professionals. Our programs provide numerous opportunities to learn and apply what you’re learning in the classroom through 实习, 浸入式课程, and pre-professional activities. 资本’s close proximity to state government, multinational businesses, 媒体公司, and nonprofit organizations offers our students opportunities to gain professional experience. Whatever area you choose, you can be sure you will be equipped with a strong liberal arts background and the skills and knowledge you need to effectively tell your story.

What can you do with a degree in this academic area?

  • 账户经理
  • 沟通s Directors
  • 内容管理
  • 内容提供商
  • 数字战略家
  • Social 媒体 Specialists

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Experiential Learning

在资本, students are taught through high-impact practices which includes teaching techniques and strategies like 实习, undergraduate research projects, client-based immersion classes, 和动手, pre-professional learning opportunities. Students have the opportunity to network with professionals throughout their time in the program. Previous 实习 include Columbus Crew, Ronald McDonald House, NASCAR, and Columbus Zoo. During their final year at 资本, students work with real-world clients to create a campaign that can be implemented in a professional environment.


If you’re excited about making video or film, you should consider Film and 媒体 Production, which prepares students for careers in video production, 媒体, and the creative industries. If you’d like to work on behalf of a company or nonprofit organization to share information and develop relationships with consumers, 捐助者, and other key constituents, you might consider 公共关系. If you have a broad set of interests and want to learn to produce online content, then our 新兴媒体 program may be for you. Students who major in 新兴媒体 take a core of courses from business to design to professional writing.


The 媒体 Department is housed in the Convergent 媒体 Center (CMC) on 资本’s Bexley campus. Designed for learning, the CMC is an-open concept, collaborative space that features a professional television studio and radio station, event spaces for student-run 媒体 groups, a professional recording studio, digital art and design laboratories, 和教室. Students can often be found in one of the many study areas throughout the building, all designed to impact student success both in and outside of a traditional classroom setting.

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